Meet our team


Alicia's passion for beauty has led her to become an entrepreneur. Co-owner of Botepil, Alicia aims to provide you with the work of a professional hestetician wherever you are and at a lower cost



Victor oversees online marketing, creates partnerships, and manages our social networks.

He has nearly a decade of hands on experience managing huge marketing budgets for iconic brands, including Disney, Atom tickets, and glassdoor.

Victor has a gift for anticipating consumers' desires even before people have them. Before co-founding Botepil, he put his online advertising skills to use to launch a brand new line of women's clothing, and quickly turned into a smashing success.

Without previous experience in the garment, a few months after the launch, he had already sold more than 70,000 of his most popular article, a tunic.


Customer service
Vanessa is the leader of our Customer Experience team. When you reach Botepil you talk to Vanessa and her amazing team. She often does this shopping online and does not support bad customer service, which is why she works so hard that Botepil has an impeccable customer service